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Compoint USB 2.0 Speakers

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The Compact , USB-Powered, Phono-Jack Multimedia Speaker Ki t Looking for a compact, easily portable desktop stereo speaker kit that is both stylish and very cost-effective? The new Compoint SPK-USB-COMP is an excitingly engineered desktop stereo speaker design that is powered by its integral USB port together with a separate, standard 3.5mm audio jack used on the vast majority of computers, audio centres and project computers. Punching above its weight considering its small size, excellent sound reproduction and wide dynamic range means both leisure and business applications, including Skype(tm) sound better and produce a better multimedia experience no matter what system you use.

Portable and compact portable Stereo Speakers
Standard 3.5mm Phono Audio Input Jack
Conveniently powered by integral USB connection
Wide dynamic sound range via BassBoost technology
Superior sound reproduction from such small speakers
Ideal for music, gaming, Skype(tm) and much more
Rated power - 3 Watts x2 (approx), 5V USB powered
Frequency response - 90Hz - 20Khz
Signal to noise >86dB
Stylish in design - Plug n’ Play for all Operating Systems

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